Other Services

We offer many other services but here are a few of the things we offer! 


  • Plastic Bumper Repair

Why live with that unsightly dent in your plastic bumper? We can remove those dents for you, usually within a couple hours. That means less downtime for you and a better looking car for a low price. Some bumpers are beyond repair, in that case we can replace it for you. Dents and Dings can order a new bumper, paint it, install it and have you back on the road in no time, often with no insurance involved. 


  • Road Paint, Tree Sap, Road Tar removal

Road paint, tar and tree sap are just a few of the contaminants that are able to be removed from paint without damage or costly repainting. This is an inexpensive process compared to repainting a vehicle, save your factory paint and your vehicles resale value. Surface contaminants can often eat into the paint over time, making small cracks in the surface of the clear coat finish. Don't let this happen to your vehicle when it can be easily remedied. Be careful of caustic “off the shelf” chemicals which contain harsh abrasive additives that will damage your factory finish and shine. We can remove these contaminates from paint, metal running boards, trim, fender liners and moldings.


  • Pinstriping

We have many colors and sizes of pinstripe in stock and a large list of other colors and sizes available for order. Pinstriping is an easy way to enhance the appearance of the vehicle for a small cost. It only takes a short amount of time to install and provides a lifetime of good looks. We use high quality 3M pinstripe for a better than factory lifespan. Tired of your old pinstripe? We can remove it and replace it for you, no problem. 


  • Scratch Repair

We can repair many minor scratches without painting IF the scratch has not penetrated the clear coat finish. Some scratches can be sanded and buffed with a high speed buffer that removes small imperfections. Paint transfer from door dings, garage doors and other similar obstacles can be removed providing the abrasions aren't too deep. 


  • Paint Touch Up

We can touch up deeper scratches for you if we have the paint or if you supply touch up paint from the dealer ( usually about $10 ). This only takes a few minutes and can be done while you enjoy our lobby. Touch up describes the process of touching up with a brush, not repainting a panel. There may be slight color variations depending on the color and the size of the damage, touch up is meant to color the damage in a way to not attract the eye.