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       Dents and Dings LLC is now restoring all of your yellowed, cloudy and peeling headlamps and tail-lamps at a fraction of the cost to replace them. Most headlamp repairs cost $150.00 for the pair.


       We offer top quality headlamp service that last for years. We stand behind our repairs just like every other repair we offer. If your headlamps are too bad to repair then we offer replacement as well. Most headlamps are repairable, improve your night vision so you can see road hazards faster and have more time to react. Improve the looks and value of your car with a long lasting finish.


       Don't be fooled by off the shelf or as seen on TV gimmicks. Headlights are coated with a UV protective coating that fails over time due to atmospheric conditions ( heat, sunlight, rain, road grime ) It yellows over time and cracks, exposing the acrylic housing to contaminants and harsh conditions. If it goes too long then the acrylic will begin to crack rendering the lights unrepairable.


        We have a very extensive process that involves stripping the coating completely off with a course grit sandpaper on a power sander. Then progressively sanding the lamp with finer and finer sandpaper until you finish it off with 3000 grit.  Next the lamps are buffed with a high speed buffer and rubbing compound to buff out the 3000 grit scratches. Then we use our buffer again to buff with a fine polish to bring out a crystal clear shine. The final and most critical step in returning the headlamps to like new condition is applying 2 coats of our UV protective coating.  Restore the clarity your headlamps once had.


          As you can see from all of the steps “ off the shelf “ chemicals just cant repair the root of the problem. Some shops buff the lights with compound but never replace the UV protective coating. Therefore the repairs last a very short amount of time and actually make the acrylic more susceptible to environmental factors. For more info give us a call or stop by. 

Headlamp turned off with half


Headlight turned on with half


Headlamp Restoration